Fuelled by a desire to bring together great people in a great place, Conglobo is the brainchild of seasoned traveler Shane. After 15 years of travel he decided Portugal was the place to be. Along with his collection of eclectic companions, they converted the buses and created a space for all kinds of people to feel at home.The food you eat, the bed you sleep in and the cushions you lounge on have all been made by a small group of people who want you to enjoy this place just as much as they do!


Founder, Shane, with his boundless energy and endless optimism, brought together a team of legends to make Conglobo a reality. Shane’s main goal in life is to surround people with enough greatness that they realise everything is possible.


Invaluable Alan (aka Alix), the heart of Conglobo. With a background in hotel management she keeps Conglobo classy.


From military to massage, this guy has seen it all. Karl is a work horse, a surfer, a handy man, and an all round nice guy. The focus and drive he puts into his work, he also put into his play, so you can guarantee both a solid structure and a solid time with our man Karl.


Vegan chef extraordinaire. When not in our outdoor kitchen concocting delicious delights to keep us happy and healthy, you can find her reading up on wica spells or performing Reiki massages. 


Our resident photographer and handy all rounder, always happy to lend a helping hand to everything Conglobo and more. 

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