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We are located in some of the most amazing countryside away from the main tourist areas in the heart of nature.  Yet we still have many wonderful and amazing activites that go on around us. Below are some of the local activities that you can get involved with.

hippy market

In Barão de São João, which is only a short 20 min walk away you will find is the best hippie market-based in the Algarve, it runs the last Sunday of every month.  It surely is one of the most energetic, colourful, vibrant and loving markets you will ever find.


The market is situated in the small village and unites groups of mainly vandwellers who have escaped 'normal' society. They collectively meet here to share their handcrafted goods amongst their laughs, smiles and love.


The market is truly international and you can meet people from all different walks of life from Israel, France, Germany, UK and Portugal to name a few. 

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